Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Too Little Too Late

Once upon a time, there was a truth to the myth, of what you and I had found, in an empty page, of 'so called', a fairy tale.

Day by day passed by, and I can't find my place back,
somewhere along the way, I must jumped out of track.

People gets tired, of waiting,
And so do you.
Feelings changed, finally diverging,
Oh what should I do?

People forgets, and starts denying.
The promises made, doubt appearing.

No one knows the sorrow hid deep inside,
neither sees the tears I've cried.

The watchful eyes, they see only heaven, which turns out to be hell,
because hypocrisy reluctantly, I've done it so well..

People, of the judge and jury awaits, everyone has a say,
don't judge a book by its cover, for yet another day.

Apologies made which are taken for granted, no longer bought,
regrets swooped, never paid,
Though we never know what would be wrought.

Gloomy eyes blurring, tears sheds rolling.
Hearts screams aching, souls limps dying.

Hopes of vain, of wishes and dreams, between fantasy and reality.
Now that you're gone, all that's left for me is to keep moving on.

To watch us breaking apart, is to know such pain.
Given all the risks, would I ever win your heart back again?

Scars borne of memories, leads into history.
Seek, not my heart, for it, has torn apart.

She walks alone the path of her life, seeing it through anew to start.
Searching for a way, to quell the pain that dwells in her heart.


Was this my BIGGEST mistake, leaving you bared, but it seems that it is more obvious now, that I thought much more of you than you ever thought of me. Undeniable, you're leaving me with so many questions, simple but complex, I'm left to await another hint, left with sweet memories, yet, do you ever think about me, now and then?
...When there is no more 'you and me', the best thing to do, is to accept the most painful gift, which is to let you go. Yet, if he also did feel the same way like she feels about him, then he would know that it is not so. As only if..she is less stubborn and cares more about him.. It is all a, too little too late....