Saturday, April 11, 2009

You're the one that holds the key, to the lock of my heart..

Hold me like you always do, cause you’re the one I hang onto.

Hug me when I’m hot I’m cold, cause you warm up my heart my soul.

Miss me when I’m gone, cause for you I will ‘re-born’.

Correct me if I’m wrong, cause that way our love will stay strong.

Dump me when it’s getting late, so our love won’t change into hate.

Help me when I can’t cope, cause you’ll sure bring me back some hope.

Find me when you're in need, cause I'll be there for you indeed.

Fake me nothing serious, cause I don’t want to be too curious.

Leave me when nothing’s right, cause I don’t want us to get in bad fights.

Trust me when others don’t bother, cause we’re in it together.

Remember me when we’re sad, cause I know more or less we’re getting bad.

Cure me when I’m in pain, cause you’re the drug that will cure my strain.

Tell me that it’s not over, cause I want to keep you forever leaving you is never.

Show me if you still love me boo, cause I’ll always feel the same way too.

Promise me that you’ll be here, cause you chase away my fears my tears.

Forgive me for those silly fake facts, sorry baby I’m not perfect.

Sing me our old love song, and please don’t tell me that it has been too long.

Hate me for who I am, rather than loving me for who I am not.

Love me as long as you can, cause I’ll love you back till the end.