Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello =) and Goodbye =(

Tmrw, well step into a different NEW world. Unknwn. Wht wud it be like.. HM?

Farewell, one of th saddest word I knw, unlike one simple word ; hello.

Ppl are leaving, FRIENDS are. =(

Time hs changed, though th memories remains, friendship will alwys stys th same.

As we grow up through ups and down, joy and laughter, far or near, hope th bond will lasts forever.

Knwing we cn nvr take bck those days, thnk youuu to all tht came my way.

Evn though wre leaving each othr behind, ull alwys be in th heart of mine.

Gdbye ppl, tcre =).

And, thnks fr th memories.