Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last Wish

Emotions ran thru my head, knwing tht 'WE're dead.
The painful word spoken ; goodbye, and there i'm left alone to cry.

Tht day u said u care, and u promise me tht u'll be there.
Those words u said u love me, bt finally, u left me nowhere.

I trusted u in so many ways ,being w u it brightens up my day.
Keeping u close it ws happiness in my heart, bt w/out u now ; its hard.

I lost ur hand in the middle of my way, hating to leave u.
Bt others deserves u better. Actually, u love her more.
Thnks fr telling me whts true..

Its been a month or two u went awy, bt it feels like it ws jz yesterday.
I rmmber evrythg u used to do, it may seems impossible, bt baby its true.

U were evrythng tht i thought i had, nw tht u left me, i'm beyond sad.