Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last Call

Thanks busuk, fr lettin me eat w great pleasure :).
I DO eat a lot kan, well you knw me, the basics of me :D,
aaa and dnt blame me fr bein fat grr.
Mm your words, i do listen to them.
Speechless, that's all I can say.
Pretendin nt to listen, playin and goofin around w your hp and keys.
Ah-ha, lama tk main kunci :P.
Sorry fr nt bein serious..
It jz doenst suits me well enough when im around you.
Mm nt anymore i guess..
And sorry too..
Im jz too afraid to look you back in the eye.
Dnt wnt 'history' to come back alive. HEH.
Cz 'looking at you makes it harder'..
So tht noboby will get hurt, inside..
Evn you abused me on well, urgh, sampai selekeh gila babi ah hahaha.
Mm those eyes, layu =').
And i dnt knw whyyy, they kept me warm.
Pelik? Pedulik ahhh haha.
Btw, your wish is granted kan sayang?
Bringing me along, walk and talk,
through those crabby sands and rough rocks, haha.
So dah, i dnt owe you anything lg lah kan kan? :DD
Fewhhh lega heheh.
Mm thanks fr everythng yehhh?
Bby, no matter hw good we are//were together,
some memories are just meant to be forgotten..
Smhw you'll find someone who lv's you more thn i do..
And perhaps, its her.
You do knw wht i wnt kan, i wnt you to be hers, :).
Do work on it kay bff? ^_^
And please laaa, im nt an eight y/o child,
so dnt worry too much on me, i knw hw to take care..
Believe me, i knw =).

Forever and always will, ly..