Saturday, May 29, 2010

H E L L O O O O ! *echoes*

OMG OMG, seriously its been a loooong time since I've updated my posts. Long time no blogging, hehe. None, for the past two or maybe three months, geees. Okayyy, currently im not in the ease of telling things. Err is it? Nothing to be shared, even though many things DID happened, I guess so. Im out of words to be exact, couldnt find the right words on how to express things out, benci! Maybe ive done too much of thinking doe, truly. Too many W’s struck into my brain. Why what when how etc. Gaaahhh :O

Well, so much fr a re-start. =)


- Retired from PASUM! :)
- Currently, on HOLIDAY! Wohooo 2 or 3 months on leave, of studying HAHA.
- Broke! Yeah, you got that right! I neeeeed money! $.$
- Loosing weight! On diet? HEHE.

Okay done for now, thank you! :)