Friday, September 17, 2010

Dari Mata Turun ke Hati lah? hihi :')

made, especially for you :')

i've never thought of myself to fall in love like this again
till the day that i've found you
for which i've given up on hopes and dreams
you've showed me that love is real
you're staring, into me
stunned with of a guy full of mysteries
those eyes are comforting
the deeper it gets, the more i'm wondering
hoping to see you the very next day
glittering thoughts of what to say
an image of perfection
with your unpredictable action
you could win any girl's heart
but winning yours is already hard
scared of what i'm afraid to lose
cause you're sure enough have lots to choose
i've fallen head over heels for you
wishing you have the same feelings on me too
take me in your warming hands
i'll hold onto you until the end
never let me go
cause i love you so

P/s: bak kata orang, 'just one look, that's all it took'. hebatnya dikau, now i can't stop thinking of you, like mad. wishing that you're forever mine. :')

X's and O's,