Thursday, September 30, 2010

one two three, twist. round and round.

perkara diatas dirujuk.

life. saya keliru dgn halatuju.
lost in directions.
on where and which way to go.
on what to do for every steps i've taken.
any problem is not a problem.
it's not about giving up.
they are guidelines.
on how to live a better life.
tapi ya Allah, i need the strength.
to keep going on. to keep moving on.
to keep me believing.
towards the LIFE which awaits me.
the one which you've written for me.
the one which is what's best for me.
so please, please keep the spirit stay alive in me.

foot-note : the world keep on spinning around. i wonder where i belong..? *jgn ckp you're belong with me lagi, sweet sgt dah tu, melting meltinggg :'p
masih, STILL lost,