Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sayyy, here's to the future

  • Focus on studies way MORE, get good results, and graduate with honor.
  • A job with good pays; a nuclear scientist, or a nuclear engineer sounds cool, grrr.
  • Buy the coolest and advanced telescope. So that I can actually SEE the amazing galaxy. Counting stars adalah sangat menarik okay, since I have trouble in going to sleep at night. Insomnia maniac. Pfftt.
  • Save as much money as I can dalam bank account until graduation. =.="
  • Get 'ramping', buang segala unwanted lemak! Fitness first!
  • Dream car. Auto please! =.='
  • A small flowery garden of mine. And plant more trees, hihi. Reduce global warming!
  • Own a bakery or a flower shop. :D
  • Perform Umrah and Haji with family.
  • Honeymoon to Japan! :D
  • Get a close up in nature, go into the wild, this time for Afrika! Waka waka eh eh!
  • Hug a white tiger.
  • Kiss a penguin. :)
  • Climb the Great Wall of China, AGAIN! But next time I'm so going to bring some extra batteries for my camera. *sighs* =.='
  • Visit Mr.Martin back in Swaythling. You're the coolest principal ever cause you remember ALL, each and every single student's name. In fact, you remembered me, when I wrote an e-mail to you even for quite a very long time. =)
  • Get married and at most 4 incredible kids. :D

P/s: Subjected to changes, hihi. And in God's will. Insya'Allah tiada yg mustahil, yeay! Okay be positive now, hehehe. Hopefully, among all of yang tercatit ni, ada la yg tercapai. So now let's buckle up and strive for the best!