Friday, October 29, 2010


mum is worried-sick about her children, mostly for abang. hm actually, we all are. nothing seems to go on right these few months, for him. well, he's not the type of guy who can 'handle things with care'. his sickness, let's just keep it as a secret, yet unknown. today, mum woke me up, with tears. it feels 'sayu' to see her cry. i can see the 'keresahan' look on her face. too much of thinking. we talked, for quite a while. i was speechless. can't think of what to say, to comfort her, neither of any solutions. ikhtiar. apa eh. hm all i can say is, mak suruh lah dia baca Al-quran. penenang hati. mungkin. no, bukan mungkin. tapi ya, saya yakin hehe. sedih, kadang lupa untuk doa buat hal abang saya. setakat niat doa dalam hati. ha itulah, kemaruk exam's. semua pun doa pasal exam's je. huh, maaf. mcm mana boleh terlupa ni. terasa diri begitu selfish nyaaa. :'(

~to be continued~
KOT. :'D

foot-note : Al-quran penenang hati, penenang jiwa. semua pun tahu kan. now lets pray so that everything will go back to normal :')