Saturday, October 30, 2010


my sins are my responsibilities.
let me get this straight, sebelum ada yg mula mengata terkata or even saja berkata-kata, statement (in italic) di atas BUKAN maksud aku bangga buat dosa.
tidak. bukan. NO.
don't easily judge people by their pasts. you don't even know what they're going through or what they've been through. *even i sometimes do so too, sighsss*
everybody make mistakes. and so do i. i commit sins. unawarely. and at the end of the day, i regret on doing them. a secret between God and me, i must say.
well yes, i'm not perfect. and you know that don't you? i'm just a normal homo-sapien. lemah, alpa dengan nafsu duniawi.
so stop talking behind my back. can you? awak 'kutuk' saya pun, unawarely awak buat dosa jugak. there, you see, awak sendiri pun alpa. :')
so fikir-fikirkan lah ye. and selamat beramal. ^^

foot-note : don't judge me tomorrow by the way i'm acting today. :')