Friday, July 2, 2010

cerita kumbang && life goes on

"Kumbang bukan seekor."

cerita kumbang;

where were you when everything was falling apart?
you left me there, in the 'middle of nowhere'.
have you ever even care?
even for a second?
letting you in. believing in all you're fake saying.
getting myself fooled. all over again.

shame on you if you fooled me once,
shame on me if you fooled me twice.

kerana kumbang seekor, boleh tak aku cakap,
aku serik, fobia dengan title 'lelaki'.
muak. annoyed. heartless. feelingless.
less, less, less!
so sick.
for now, =.=!

well, life goes on, :')


nota kaki : trusts should not be taken for granted. cause you see, trust takes years to build, second to break, and forever to mend.