Tuesday, November 9, 2010



fights. fights. and fights. yup, it scares me. i don't like seeing people get into fights. those yelling, punching, and ahhh you tell me. it brings out all the nerves in me. meremang boleh tak. =.=' . hm mouth fights? dislikes. and at some point, that's why they say, "words are sharper than the sword". ouh buttt, couple fights are cute. for some. it's when they fight and laterally get themselves 'cuddled up' with words upon solving. those "i'm sorry and i love you" thing lah. HAHA. okay i miss those days. :')


to my beloved sister, it's not their fault. it's our fault. they've been through a lot upon raising us. we can't blame them for spoiling us too much. it's on the way how we think and act about what they've given us. don't you think? i love you mum dad and family. :')


studies. too much of caffeine for these two weeks. blame RD and Nuc. can't wait for this to end though. of course, for semester one. =.=' . caffeine pun, nasib baik saya tak minum pure coffee, dalam neslo sudah, hihi. tu pun dah boleh keep me awake until subuh. and now, my eye-bags are getting worst. damn you caffeine! i hate you. i could really need a goodnight sleep, you know! and taking you too much in me dah buat saya lupa apa yg saya belajar. short-term memory? :'((


i'm losing grip. i don't know how long i can even hold on any longer. it's hard for me, but it's easy enough for you. pathetically, i feel like i'm holding on to a fake and false hope. please, i need a hint. whether to stay and fight on, or to stop believing and move on. :')

foot-note : nothing seems right. this is when the 'down's' of my life strikes through, i think. but i still have that faith, in which where ever life puts me through, i know God, you're with me. and i need you for every breath i'm taking. thank you for always being there. :')