Friday, November 26, 2010

the heart :)

first condition;

it's weird when my heart can actually accept the fact that you still love her. hikhik. maybe b'coz i knew it from the start. it's waaaay too impossible for a person like you, to not fall in love before. and for you to like me, DAAAA~!. what the heck with the early confessions, maybe we're both were wrong about our feelings. confusions. and yes, for some reason, i knew it all along that it's just too good to be true. *ditekankan lagi sekali.* yes i've made quite a good move, WISE, i can say, to be on the safe side, yet to avoid disappointment again, i didn't put much hope upon what's in between us. sounds selfish and ego, right. but think again, we both are. undeniable, we've been such a good friend. and you know that. even though we've got nothing in common, i think. accept for that we both were dump by the one we truly love. HA-HA. and it's funny though even though that i liked you, i've once pray for so that her heart will be lighten by Allah so that she can become one of us. :') well what ever makes you happy. anyway, thanks for the approach. thanks for giving me the chance to know you, a bit. and most of all, thanks for the memories yg seciput tu, hihi. :)

mode : happy, comforting :)

second condition;

feelingless and empty on the top. but deep inside, yes. i'm still in love with you. that passionate feeling. insecurely but consistent. hmm what ever it is, or to what's left, i miss you love, like a-lot. i miss those days, pretty much. :'(

mode : stuck, again T_T

third condition;

approaches. hm don't easily walk into a person's life and continue bullshitting with your confessions. it scares me at some point. coz wth. nak tahu satu fakta? love is not as simple as that. okay? ya, saya suka berkawan. :) i'm truthfully sorry, if you've got me wrong. one thing you should know about me, it's hard for me to trust people, especially when it comes to love. trust me, saya memang SUKAR untuk percaya those bullshit lagi. if you really and truly want to be with that someone lah, meh sini gua ajar, first things first, get to know him/ her first. well that's what people say by 'kenal hati budi masing-masing dulu' kan hehe, coz it ain't a puppy-love i'm looking for. nor love, maybe later, but not now. friendship, lets treasure that. hikhik. :B

mode : restriction. don't just simply come and confess. think deeper, before you start confess-ing. :)

foot-note : paint me a rainbow. :)
lots of love,
hny :)