Friday, November 26, 2010

hey soul sister

let's give it a call for;
Syaza Amira, my soul sister. :)

we've been friends ever since during PASUM'S years. boleh kata tak berapa nak lama lah kita orang kenal, but dah kepala sama kamcing, so what to do lah kan. redah jelaaaahhhh! :B
after PASUM, dia dapat UKM, and aku pulak dapat UPNM. so kami terpisah sebentar. then fate has brought us back together, :D . and here, together we stand in UKM, hihi. :) . mengilham harapan, mencipta masa depan! HAHAHA. even kita tak stay in the same kolej, we're still in the same faculty. and so nampak gayanya kita akan grad together lah kan. awwwhhhh, can't wait for that moment! hope by then, we're still there, holding each other's back. forever. insya'Allah. :')

innocent us,
syza and hny.
iloveyou yottt!
kita saling meng-annoy,
tapi aku sayang kau ow!

she understands me well enough.
the slang of my language.
the tone of my stories.
she listens to my dreams.
and knew what it all means.

and yes, we respect each other. :)

foot-note : in joy and in pain, you know i'll always be there for you, kan kan kan? kan Syza kan? :)