Monday, November 8, 2010

weight, weighing! :'//

nothing worries me much than the fact of my weight is increasing, each and every day. i've been eating, non-stop. and yes, with no exercise. so imagine that people. what a catastrophe!! kannnn! :'O

dan saya punya waktu tidur pun huru-hara! those two killer paper's. oh damn cepatlah habis! tidur lambat pun boleh buat berat badan naik kot! sbb bosan nanti asyik nk makan, or whatsoever.

current weight now, 48. or maybe 50. it's been over the limit. huh! enough of mumbuncit melemak membulat. herghhh! coz this has got to stop. somehow, some way! mesti, harus, perlu, maintain around 43 balik! :'/

since mum dah put away that threadmill thing sbb semak bersarang, no one has been using it pun sejak saya pun dah stop from using it, sigh. well nevermind! now what matter's the most is, i must start exercising from now on. i want a flat tummy! pretty please, :'( . sits up needed! but i don't like doing sits up. PANCIT bagai nak gila sudah! hergh. so okay ayah, please buy me that bicycle exercise thing. yg ada for jogging jugak tu. the one yg kita survey that day. i could really need it. ayah pun, hikhik :'p . sbb guna threadmill penat sgt lah! 15min dah semput, macam mana, even though it's worth it. tapi.. nak yg bicycle tu lah! HIHI. nanti saya cuti five weeks, oh risau saya! :'//

but let's have a look on the bright side. saya dah mula start kurangkn makan, hikhik. nasi sekali je sehari! we'll see how long it lasts. :')

foot-notesomething has crossed my mind! you've once told me that, ladies paling busuk pun, must have a flat tummy. terasa saya! HAHA. :'p . but i have a six pack apa, fikir awak je ke yg ada?! ELEHHH! it's been hiding under my FAT tummy. well unlike your's, mine's, it's shy! =.='

a flat tummy is all i want,