Friday, December 10, 2010

give and take

just now, mum's and dad's friend back when we're in southampton came to visit. they're now lecturers in UKM. a place where i'll be graduating in another three years soon, hihi. amin. first class honour please, hihi. insya'Allah. eee tapi tak suka nya bila excited and nak sangat-sangat dekat that one thing, coz macam dah biasa, mesti punah. hmhm. :'S

back to kawan mak ayah. 

kak dibah tak ingat dia lecturer apa, but as far as i know, abang zul, he's a lecturer in the KEJUT's department. teaching mathematics-subjects which is related to engineering. he encourages me much about the future. telling me to study hard and biasa lah most of the elder people always give, those encouraging words. issues. he said that, studying local and abroad doesn't make any difference. well, technically. even in any other U or apa, semua sama je. ya. you just have to perform well. 3.5 and above, is a must. he said.

OHKAAAAAAAYYY, serendipity.

results are out. but i didn't tell him what's mine. it will be a total shame, if i did. or not. ahhh idk. :'(

ha tapi itulah masalahnya. perform. haihhh. menakutkan bunyinya. kan. what if................ i 'choked' again, like it was back then in foundation year's in UM. negative thoughts here. ahhhh mind that. :'(

back to what i'm saying. perform?

hmm well, i did KINDA blame maths now which i'm learning in malay as an excuse for getting C+, haha. kenapa tak dapat A, maths JE kot. it's easy as one-two-three, haha AS IF. okay sedihnya, i'm feeling devastated. well it's hard. i find it hard to adapt with the new but 'not-so-new' terms we've been 'playing' with. yalah, we've been learning maths in english for- ever since we're in primary school. in school, getting 'high' with those numbers and terms, but yet i can say, fun. but now, i'm a bit culture shocked. here. hmm. it's bugging me yknow. :'(

back to abang zul.

he said that i shouldn't take that as a problem. b'coz at the end of the day, maths will always stay maths. ahhh memang lah. tapi selagi aku tak boleh nak redha, selagi itulah aku rasa aku tak boleh terima. haha eh apa aku cakap ni. ha dah pening. hmmm. =.='

conclusion-nya, mind-set kena betul! :')


and yes, i must believe in that so called 'chances'. with much effort, blessing, prayer, and tawakal. in God's will. in God's will. dear God, please be with me, in each and every step forward.

I BELIEVE I CAN FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~!  *okay ini tak ada kaitan*

much love,