Thursday, December 9, 2010

semester one ; ended, officially

yes, officially! meaning, results dah keluar, gaaaaaaaaaahhhh! :O

situasi satu;

kakak saya dapat 3.9+. what the heck laaahh??! anyways, congrats sis! :')

situasi dua;

and since aku pun dah malas fikir, ready tak ready, okay aku pun check lah result kan, through sms lah. and there, dean list memang tak lah, hukhuk sedih! :'( . damn you Mathsss! i've once 'worship' you kot, gila teruja when it comes to you, gila sayang respect hihi, but now i don't know. these days, you're not being nice with me, WHY? :') . my dearest Maths, please behave okay for the upcoming semester? can you? no, no, can we? pretty please? :') . all in all, Alhamdulillah, i managed to get above 3. tapi ya, hati tetap resah, stress, and i know i'm not proud with it. apa pun, bersyukur itu perlu, nasib tak kena repeat, hihi. Thankyou Allah! :')

foot-note : must. struggle more for next semester though. all the best Hnyyy! everything is possible. and yknow it. okay monolog semata, hihi. extra-extra-extra-effort needed. lets not give up. even life's pretty down right now. hope that i will do waaayyyy better. day by day. week by week. months by months. and year by year. Amin.