Monday, December 20, 2010

tip toe

hello semester two! :">


my timetable is ruined. padahal before ni dah check, dah ngam, memang boleh kata comfortable jugak lah, but then tadi bila check balik tengok-tengok ada class yang jadual dia clash. APAKAHHH?! how could you suka hati je nak ubah-ubah! annoying betul. and dah lah for once in my life tak pernah ada class on jumaat petang! no good no good! =.=

DL = 3.7 and above? bukan 3.5 ke? apa punya ukm lah! ke aku je yang baru tau yang DL memang 3.7 and above? noob nyaaaaa! hmmm! :"( . wohohoiii abang jebat (i know you'll be reading this, KOT lah, HAHAHA), i need your support! HAHAHAHA! whatever it is, janji kita still ON! gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! i could really need some more of a morale! so please sila tunaikan kata-kata manismu! tolong gua dalam pencarian ini? HEHEHE! :">

i can't imagine what would it be like. starting today, and onwards, i'll have to wake up early, like reallyyy early. most of my classes begins at 8am, 9am. no fun! and no more staying up like veryyyy late at night, i guess :| . but somehow, i'm a bit excited about going to class for this semester. i don't know why. weird. a new spirit maybe? haha i wish. and i hope, at least the spirit in me, it lasts, till the very end. :D

yes buruk.
and my eyebags are getting worst.
macam mana lah nanti ni.
hm :'(

p/s : hoping for a great life ahead, hihi. but i don't wanna put my hopes up high. please don't let me fall. or i'll be bringing you down, later on, hihi. ouh and to that particular abang jebat yang budget tough, ingat JANJI kita oi! serious talk ni! :')

dear God, please be with me, i need you,
with love,