Friday, December 31, 2010

to sum up, 2010

it's December 31st! and tomorrow is a brand new day, a brand new year, a brand new decade! :)

i didn't go out to celeberate new year. to be honest, i haven't been, for, two years straight. what's the point? sesak sana sini. getting bumped. extremely social, ceh. aaa fireworks are incredibly cool, but what a waste of money kan, hihi. hell yeah i've been countdown-ing at home. what do i care. cuddling back at home, it's a pretty warm feeling, don't you think? :)

*tapi tiba-tiba terasa nak main mercun pop pop! =.=

not much of a climax in 2010. not that i remember, grrr. but true, many things did happened. memories in me i must say. sweeeeeeeeeeettt and sour. :')

changes? yeah, after all, what is life kan kalau tak ada perubahan, ceh. obviously there are a lot of changes in my life, throughtout 2010. :')

i've met a whole lot of new people. amazing people which i know i will never forget in years to come. and i don't intend to, never want to. :"> . and i called them, friends ouh and also for some, so-called friends, friends with benefits. which one are you? define it yourself people. and each, with their own personality. uniqueness, hihi. yet one of a kind. good, bad. aaa you name it. :')

all time love, hihi.
i love her, so what?
oh dia ni, ashkar paling jambu!

p/s: terharu taaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkk? :">
salam 1nuclear! :p

mind them yang berbaju melayu, sibuk! :p
keris mas terus maju! :D

kita tadika-mate rupanya!
hahaha :'p

C1, i miss you guys!
good luck budak-budak pandai!

*ouh ada banyak lagi gambar sebenarnya, tapi thumbdrive hilang pencil case dgn careless-nya tertinggal dekat lecture hall kan, sedih takde copy dah :'(

life, life, life.

and to note that, problem keeps on bundling up. ya banyak jugak dugaan tahun ni. sama macam tahun-tahun sebelumnya. bundle-bundle, from one to another. from zero to, well you can say many. hm i don't know if i can actually name or call it as a 'problem'. but it's building up the pressure in me, for sure. well maybe, that is why i tend to keep myself shut rather than mm, talk? long face and not talking mode. it is just me, you see, i DO need some time of my own. yet again, what is life kalau tak ada masalah. eee bosan bosan hahaha. macam mintak ada masalah pulak. =.=' . so okay mintak maaf kepada mereka sesiapa yang terasa lah okay? :')
A women under stress is not immediately concerned with finding solutions to her problems but rather seeks relief by expressing herself and being understood. -John Gray

*okay apa lagi eh, hm takde apa dah kot, heee

ala-ala lagu penutup 2010, hihi :">

therefore, i hereby,
hny sulaiman,
is, welcoming you, with love,
hello and hi,
2011! :)

p/s : lets make a wish! :)

lots and lots of love,