Wednesday, December 1, 2010

what's ahead

20 December 2010.

i'll be dealing with;

Radioactivity and Radiation
Applied Mathematics
Applied Statistics
Electric and Magnetic
Radiation Biology

aku dah lama tinggalkan Bio kot, since habis SPM dulu, but then nanti next semester nak kena confront dengan Bio balik, huh, this sucks. i hate Bio, too many ayat and readings yang kena buat, tak bestnyaaa, plus i often get bad marks for Bio in most of the exam's during school year. but luckily i score well in SPM, hihi old times, :p . but i thought this course i'm taking tak ada kena mengena langsung dengan Bio! how could you! indah khabar dari rupa, hahaha! :'(
hm since i didn't do well for last semester, even result belum keluar lagi, tapi dah dapat bayangan, damn! i'm not even pleased with myself! :'( hm nevermind, what's done, is done kan. so now, i think i should start berjinak-jinak dengan those subjects, even though now i'm on semester break. ceh, poyo, :| . grrr and some of my friends pun dah start berkenalan dengan those subjects pun, :O . as a preparation, i guess so lah kan. so, to all that, jom TRY berjinak dengan buku balik? :'O

p/s : please be nice with me yeee subject-subject semua! lets be good friends, hihi. :')