Saturday, January 1, 2011

be first :D

first january, first month, first entry! :D

seeing people making their wishlists, their new year resolutions, their hopes, it kinda turns on the adrenaline rush in me. apa orang nak buat, aku pun nak buat kan, ceh tak nak kalah lah katakan hehehe, jangan marah haaaaa?! :) . the point is, i take it as something which i can look back and laugh out about it in the future. ala-ala digital diary yang tak berapa nak diary lah kononnya. a story to tell. to my awesome kids. to my super cucu cicit, hihi. :">

2010 for me................

lessons learnt;
- the facts of; reality and fantasy.
- being independently independent!
- lost and fall.
- trust and betrayal.
- limitations.
- hopes. hopes. and hopes.
- bold and determined.
- regrets.
- repents.
- money and savingsss. as money means everything for a teen like me, hahaha how i wish money would have sex in my pocket and multiply?! yes, i likeeee! $.$
- bestfriends, which are no longer close like those days. where did it go wrong ey? sad isn't it? :'(
- enemies. it's pretty funny when some of your enemies become your friends. positive negative attraction? lol

2011 for me................

looking forward for;
- some changes on the attitude, hihi. POSITIVE changes. perubahan negatif, nauzubillah. :')
- appreciate. i'll appreciate people around me more.
- i'll be a good daughter, little sister, aunty, friend and yeah student. too bad tak ada statement a good girlfriend, hihi. =.='
- no more waking up late at noon on weekends or on holidays. barulah boleh bangga lebih jadi anak dara sejati kan, hahaha.
- no more holding back onto the pasts. i'll erase it all. what good is it to me? why should i hold onto some memories which i know is fake. all along. stupid me, grrr. but now i can say, not anymore, NOT ANYMORE! pretty clear right? i want some new memories which i can treasure! :)
- less facebook-ing! ouh tapi sekarang pun dah agak less apa, kot? aaa well done! :'O
- focus focus FOCUS on studiesss! ARGHHHH! this is pretty challenging! dah banyak kali cakap tapi, hm banyak sangat aral melintang! :"(

*okay i can't think of any lagi dah, nanti lah update! grrr

okay nah song mode, :">