Thursday, January 27, 2011


fear is NOT a factor for me, grrr hahaha!


i get scared when it comes to the word commitments. yes, commitments. to unlock the door of a person's heart. eventually, giving a part of myself to someone. someone who may break them into pieces. by any chance. in any way. :'(

footnote : it's not that i will not, ever. the time will come. wait till when i'm ready. :')


i'm afraid of losing someone close to me. people around me. family, bestfriends, friends, flubby included. :'0 . i love them as much as i love myself. please don't take them away from me. :'(

footnote : lets appreciate each and every single people in our lives. like, reallyyy appreciate them? ohye, saya pernah cakap dekat jebat, yang, saya akan appreciate people around me more, hehe. kan jebat kan? kalau awak ingat lah. yes, macam sedih je, nanti dah kahwin kena lebihkan suami? heee so for now, apa kata kita lebih appreciate-kan family dulu? ahhh boyfriend ke buayafriend ke, semua tak kemana, okay melainkan dia dah bergelar suami, kan? hihi. kan jodoh semua dah jadi ketentuan Tuhan? hehe mana jodoh saya ni? :'p