Friday, April 1, 2011

live for today :)

one year older, and a whole lot wiser. :'D

it's just another one ordinary day. :) . but yet, i'm no longer a TEEN-age girl. sweet-twenty? grr. :B

here's a story to tell,
it's about my past, present, and future maybe?
the truth is, i dislikes my birthday. not even close to the word excited. well it all begins, ever since the year 2009. duh. *flashback*

yknow why?

a guy left me, for another girl a fews day before my birthday. that's whyyy, HAHA. how sad is that huh? :p . idk about you guys, or what you might think/feel if you were in my shoes, but it sure is pathetically sad for me, hihi. memori cinta luka lah KONON. wadehek? =.='

:) . but last night, someone made me smile, widely sehingga ke hujung pipi. :D . thankyou God for presenting a guy name love into my life. two years of being miserable. yeah, what a waste.. if only i could turn back time? duh, memang mission impossible! :') . well honestly, i felt sorry for myself, HAHA. i'd learnt so many things for the past two years. family, friends, love, the whole wide world lah gitu. all in all, about LIFE. it's when you start to ask yousrself, why should i grieve on someone who doesn't even bother to be a part of in your life? just assure yourself to, don't bother back. :)

thank you God, You've made me a whole lot more stronger than ever before. thank you for each breath i'm taking. thank you for the LIFE you've given me itself. :")

always look on the bright side hny. :D
by any chance, it's in God saying that we'll find something better.

thanks to those who came through my way. people always leave. we just have to be brave enough to find a way to get over it. life. :)

and to Naim, thankyousomuch, loveyousomuch.
you're the best.
and dude, i don't want anybody else, but you. 

dear God, mohon kau panjangkan jodoh kami please, hehe. amin. :')