Sunday, April 10, 2011

you'll still be my shining star :")

mode : busy and away.

sekarang saya dah nak start final exams, bila dah habis nanti, turn awak pulak start final exams. then dah habis nanti, i won't be around, like for a week ++, plus, you with your military. memang betul agaknya tiga bulan baru kita dapat berjumpa kembali, HAHAHA. kalau lost contact, memang tak tau lah nak cakap apa? :'(

you have my heart, we'll never be worlds apart.
there will be no distance between our love.
you'll still be that one person i think about day and night.
i'll be here forever, missing you. :')

p/s  : sorry for the busy and away mode, i'll squeeze some time for you. :'D