Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hello june

after a while of not updating, i've finally got the mood to, well technically. :D


sekarang tak suka panjang lebar bercerita. malas! let the pictures and words in my tumblr speaks my heart out. :)

now i'm back in malaysia. went to perform umrah with family. yeah, being there was quite a getaway. things are different there, and here in malaysia. and yes, i do feel like moving, to live there. :D
nak cerita pasal umrah nanti lah, panjang sangat! so, laterrrrr! :p

got an interview today, and yes saya kembali berkerjaya, starting tomorrow, until september. even though gaji are much less than before, as long as i can be anywhere but here, i'll accept that. after all, berderet things dalam wish list ni! :')

been feeling kinda lonely for the past one or two weeks. how sad is that? HAHA. and yeah, problems keep on hitting me. and this time, having no one, nobody to spill things out with, haha even though they ARE here with me, well i don't know. apa pun tak boleh lah senang cerita! :(

oh and kepada si boyfriend, sorry banyak buat hal. sabar tau with us, hehe. sorry for everything. and nampak gayanya, i won't be seeing you this weekend lah? sorry. i hope you'll understand. :'( . loveyou, missyou. :')

ok dah, altalavista yo! daaaaaaaa :D


Sunday, May 29, 2011

the end;

the truth is, i'm afraid of losing; afraid of losing you.


Friday, May 6, 2011


to people who called themselves as people. stop judging me by the way i talk, by the way i speak, by the way i spill everything out, or even by the way i act. do you really have to take it all negatively? take ME negatively? oh sure you do, you're people. and that's usually how people always react to other people.

i'm sick and tired of with you people.

what makes you think that your life is perfect enough, right enough, positive enough?

nak nasihat orang pun bukan dengan cara menjatuhkan orang. know what i mean? -.-

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a picture means a thousand words ;)

let the pictures speaks my heart out.

feel free to click,

Monday, April 25, 2011

semester two

goodbye semester two,
happy holidays!

semoga results nanti pun baik-baik,
cantik-cantik saja, huh.
nak kata takat mana effort semua, memang kalau,
if only i could turn back time?
ok, dah tak guna nk regret and all.
its time to pray for the best, insya'Allah.