Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mission 1

Flubby, kucing 'tua' yg gemuk hahaha, terluka hati diaaa klw tw org pgl dia tua ish. Kucing ni bjet jantan sgt, bwh dagu terluka, mcm bru lepas shave janggut, misai pun uneven mcm kena cantas haha, jantanlah sgt whai Flubby, pdhl gayyy hee. Dalah boyot, huhu.

*old pic, hes much evn fatter nw geehe*

*sayalah Flubby*

Present weight : 5 kg.
Target : 7, or mybe 8 kg wld be nice, lol :P.
Status : Mission in progress.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello =) and Goodbye =(

Tmrw, well step into a different NEW world. Unknwn. Wht wud it be like.. HM?

Farewell, one of th saddest word I knw, unlike one simple word ; hello.

Ppl are leaving, FRIENDS are. =(

Time hs changed, though th memories remains, friendship will alwys stys th same.

As we grow up through ups and down, joy and laughter, far or near, hope th bond will lasts forever.

Knwing we cn nvr take bck those days, thnk youuu to all tht came my way.

Evn though wre leaving each othr behind, ull alwys be in th heart of mine.

Gdbye ppl, tcre =).

And, thnks fr th memories.


Friday, May 22, 2009

123 ABC, petik

To tht particular person,

Travis - Love Will Come Through

Ths song is fr you.

Ouh n ths song too,

Blue October - Calling You


Friday, May 15, 2009

Treat Me, Grr

Eye-bags? Dark round curves, surrounding, under each pair of eyes. Nmpk sembam dan lebam, biru hitam? Hahaha. Dh lapanbelas thn hidup, bru aku sedar, eye-bags aku dh cm lagiii nmpk, hehh. Causes? Aku pun xtw aku pny npe doh, mcm kena curse pulak hahah. Td cm tkde bnd nk bwt, then search a kt tnet sal eye-bags, jpg dia kata sbb lack of sleep, aaa nk kata aku tk cukup tdo, mmg confirm tipu ahhh, tlbey tdo kottt, anddd dia ckp sbb eating too much of salty foods? Tuh aku xsureee, hmhm ke tnet tipu aku weh? Hahaha cyela sgt en. :P
Then, adela section hw to treat pulak kn, dia ckp letak cucumber, xpun tea-bag pun layannn~ hee. Ouh2 and you guys, betul keee, bley bwt surgery ntk hilangkn eye-bags? Pelik gilaaa weh! Dh terlampau maju dunia ni, huhu. Pphl jmjm, sblm merebak menular semua, jmjm lets gooo n slice some cucumberrr, dh lama tk bwt :D.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Snh Snh Sanahhhh =D

Yeah, Snh dh pulanggg, dia dpt UIA, so byebye Matriks huhu. Dpt jugak klua spend time dgn diaaa nnt =).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Time Has Come =(

Pple, its alrdy mid of May..

Kely's goin to UiTM, Shah Alam. Archtech student. Mesti kau lompat keriangan kan, cz dpt lari frm Pantai Timur heehe. Best2, kau dkt sng cket nk jumpa kauuu, oyeah :D.

Shrk is ALREADY in UKM, and soon she will be flying off to Egypt, doin medic. Dia ni mcm2 cket, tht day kata nk masuk CMU, then tiba2 msg last minute GILA kata nk pergi Egypt pulak, sekeh jugak kang hee. Luckily, kau dh masuk, klw tk mmg nk kena hantuk :P.

Nnie, Tesl's student, UiTM jugak, ala-ala mcm kakak aku pulak amek Tesl heheh. Nnt dgn kau kena speaking smeaking ah nampaknyaaa kan :P.

Snh pulakkk, tmrw register dkt Matriks N9. Aaa shes my childhood friend yaw, anddd we used to be neighbours, frm home to school, cm melekat kn kitaaa, TERHARUUU hehe, start form3 lah til hbs form5, sme class fuiyo heheh, skrg pulak kena berpisah heh sedih do. Anddd ni lg sorg btaw nk pegi last minute ish :(.

And as fr me
, ill be studying in local's. Mk tabg pergi overseas, niha haritu dpt tw kena register yg local punya ths month pun dia dh sedih, then ckp tapyhla pergi overseas hahaha, tuhpun KALAU dptla ble dh sure nk bwt apa semua nnt, ish nipun , sedih kottt tkpela asalkn dia bahagia. Ouh n emak, hpy mothers day, ly :).

Tanpa disedari weh, kita semua dh OFFICIALLY lapanbelas, and nk masuk U dah [except shrk a yg SUDAHPUN masuk aaa], ish bapak ahhh, we hv grown into big teens dah tkde tiny lil teens lagi huu.

Fyi, ths is one of my fear weh, growing up. However, like it or not, we must face the fact tht we ARE growing up, heh. Those words, yg Ahmadun's ckp, 'age is just a number', more or less adela jugak membantu hehe, terimakasih kam0 ^-^.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last Wish

Emotions ran thru my head, knwing tht 'WE're dead.
The painful word spoken ; goodbye, and there i'm left alone to cry.

Tht day u said u care, and u promise me tht u'll be there.
Those words u said u love me, bt finally, u left me nowhere.

I trusted u in so many ways ,being w u it brightens up my day.
Keeping u close it ws happiness in my heart, bt w/out u now ; its hard.

I lost ur hand in the middle of my way, hating to leave u.
Bt others deserves u better. Actually, u love her more.
Thnks fr telling me whts true..

Its been a month or two u went awy, bt it feels like it ws jz yesterday.
I rmmber evrythg u used to do, it may seems impossible, bt baby its true.

U were evrythng tht i thought i had, nw tht u left me, i'm beyond sad.