Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a picture means a thousand words ;)

let the pictures speaks my heart out.

feel free to click,

Monday, April 25, 2011

semester two

goodbye semester two,
happy holidays!

semoga results nanti pun baik-baik,
cantik-cantik saja, huh.
nak kata takat mana effort semua, memang kalau,
if only i could turn back time?
ok, dah tak guna nk regret and all.
its time to pray for the best, insya'Allah.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

you smile, i smile ;)

Love is missing someone whenever you're apart,
but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart.

imissyou, love.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

one more

jjyeaaaahhh, 5 papers done, and one more to go, which is titas, on the 25th. =.=' . so apape pun kita boleh enjoooooooyyyy dulu! ada 5 hari memang confirm2 la aku baca on the 24th tu? eh yeke? :'D

err. overall, memang aku down gila dengan finals this sem. terasa macam nak tikam diri sendiri dekat perut. 

12th april 2011.
anehnya kau buat aku bahagia. radiation biology bhaiii. yes, BIOLOGY. yang aku tak pernah suka ever since dekat sekolah lagi. but then, thank you kau agak membahagiakan aku kali ni. hopefully marks pun cantikkk lah HAHA. dream on hny, dream on. mana tak nya, soalan tak boleh lagi sejiban macam past years? even though on that day aku hampir untuk tak pergi ke exam, sebab i woke up late, like very late. tahniah. =.=' . thanks to aisyah for waking me up. :'D

13th april 2011.
technical mathematics. yup. i thought i was prepared, enough. but. terbukti, memang tak. 20 objective questions, 3 marks each. and yeah. i choked. subjectives, no comment. i could have done better. :(

15th april 2011.
ahhh, even dah ambil dah ada basic programming time dekat pasum dulu, and belajar lagi this subject this sem, aku still tak dapat jawab dengan jayanya jugak? pffftt. yeah, i know, im a pathetic loser. =.=

18th april 2011.
tell me about it. applied statistics. i felt like crying. each questions with 20 marks each, and i can only write one equation which i don't know whether it even exists, or maybe not. hm! i can't think. sumpah aku menyenangkan kerja lecturer! im hoping, for at least dapat lulus memang bersyukur gila. carried marks 29th april ni baru boleh tengok. hopefully there's plenty there. please don't let me down. T_T

19th april 2011.
electric and magnetism. if only i paid more attention on the tutorials and past year's papers, grr. soalan dah hampir sama, haish. and my instinct was right. sendiri spot memang yang itu lah jugak keluar. kenapa lah kau tak percaya dekat instinct sendiri. even sikit pon. =.=

coming soon, 25th april 2011.
lek luuuuuu, titas je. chillex sudahhh, hahaha. ok kau boleh suka sekarang. tapi jangan sampai paper titas pun boleh buat kau nangis pulak nanti. =.='

anote : goodbye DL. kau boleh mimpi jelah hny. or maybe i can say, goodbye 3++. kita tak ada jodoh nampaknya this sem. not anymore. not this time. T_T


Sunday, April 10, 2011

you'll still be my shining star :")

mode : busy and away.

sekarang saya dah nak start final exams, bila dah habis nanti, turn awak pulak start final exams. then dah habis nanti, i won't be around, like for a week ++, plus, you with your military. memang betul agaknya tiga bulan baru kita dapat berjumpa kembali, HAHAHA. kalau lost contact, memang tak tau lah nak cakap apa? :'(

you have my heart, we'll never be worlds apart.
there will be no distance between our love.
you'll still be that one person i think about day and night.
i'll be here forever, missing you. :')

p/s  : sorry for the busy and away mode, i'll squeeze some time for you. :'D


Thursday, April 7, 2011


i didn't know that it's gonna be this tough, this hard. dah sampai tahap rindu yang boleh terasa nak menangis. apakah.. be strong lah hny. focus on your finals now hnyyy, focus. T_T
ahhh bring it on! i know i can, i believe i can! i'll make it through. i just can't stop missing you. :")

mode : ok and kebetulan pulakkk, saya baru lepas habis tengok cerita Army Wives, HAHAHAHA. memang saya lagi teringat dekat awak lah macam ni! :( . nak full episode from season one until the latest episode pleaseee! :'D

p/s : take care tough guy. loveyouuu! :'D


Sunday, April 3, 2011

tiba-tiba mcm cacing kepanasan

tiba-tiba rasa takut dekat feelings sendiri.
tiba-tiba rasa tak sedap hati.
tiba-tiba rasa takut disakiti.
tiba-tiba rasa jauh lagi.
tiba-tiba rasa takut ia akan beralih pergi.
tiba-tiba rasa takut pada yang tak kekal abadi.
semua tiba-tiba lah senang cerita.
mula lah takde mood, huh.

dear unpleasant feelings, please go away.


Friday, April 1, 2011

live for today :)

one year older, and a whole lot wiser. :'D

it's just another one ordinary day. :) . but yet, i'm no longer a TEEN-age girl. sweet-twenty? grr. :B

here's a story to tell,
it's about my past, present, and future maybe?
the truth is, i dislikes my birthday. not even close to the word excited. well it all begins, ever since the year 2009. duh. *flashback*

yknow why?

a guy left me, for another girl a fews day before my birthday. that's whyyy, HAHA. how sad is that huh? :p . idk about you guys, or what you might think/feel if you were in my shoes, but it sure is pathetically sad for me, hihi. memori cinta luka lah KONON. wadehek? =.='

:) . but last night, someone made me smile, widely sehingga ke hujung pipi. :D . thankyou God for presenting a guy name love into my life. two years of being miserable. yeah, what a waste.. if only i could turn back time? duh, memang mission impossible! :') . well honestly, i felt sorry for myself, HAHA. i'd learnt so many things for the past two years. family, friends, love, the whole wide world lah gitu. all in all, about LIFE. it's when you start to ask yousrself, why should i grieve on someone who doesn't even bother to be a part of in your life? just assure yourself to, don't bother back. :)

thank you God, You've made me a whole lot more stronger than ever before. thank you for each breath i'm taking. thank you for the LIFE you've given me itself. :")

always look on the bright side hny. :D
by any chance, it's in God saying that we'll find something better.

thanks to those who came through my way. people always leave. we just have to be brave enough to find a way to get over it. life. :)

and to Naim, thankyousomuch, loveyousomuch.
you're the best.
and dude, i don't want anybody else, but you. 

dear God, mohon kau panjangkan jodoh kami please, hehe. amin. :')